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End Of Sex In Standing Position

Positions are possible for the clutch is almost without end, and each comes to the end of sex itself to consider the success of coital. Although standing sex can be one of the most difficult positions, despite their undeniable attraction. It correctly and safely may require training and care for the health of the penis right first do no harm. Tip for sex ( more : ) that follows provide practical advice for those considering a standing love - open a variety of new sensations.

Do not start in the bathroom.

In this article, the standing sex refers to penetration; Those who are involved in manual genital stimulation can find fun in the bath. But for those planning to get "insertion", it is wise to forget the many photos of raunchy sex scene shower until after they have a few 'Earth' who managed to try under their belt. The reason, of course, is that a factor of slipping in the bathroom can make it very easy to fall, which could lead to some of which is not very profitable.

Starting at halfway.

Some couples find it easier to start with just the guy standing, while the woman was lying on the edge of the bed or any other surface (probably higher). In some cases, couples, try again with the man lying down, but this usually requires a surface that is very close to the back, so that women can stand with his feet on the ground as she straddles.

Go back there.

For many couples, starting by standing in front of men-women-back might be the best option. It is often easier to maneuver the main parts of the body in a position that is more accessible in this way. In addition, more male hands roam freely around the female breast for a very erotic stimulation. Also, women have more room to bend and find a nicer body placement.

Lean, it's nice.

The balance is really the key to the success of sex in a relationship. Isn't it cheating to lean on a wall or a penchant for Chair, table or other objects in the region? Anything that helps keep the balance is fair game.

Lift the foot to OK.

Nothing says, there must be four feet are on the ground at any time. Women, especially, are in a good position for wrapping a leg around the ankle or the foot slides to the lover and down the pair of feet. For men with the balance and strength, can be so exciting to lift the couple and encouraged her to wrap your legs around the waist of man - but again, good strength and balance are the keys to this.

Toes can come into play.

Depending on the altitude involved, the man may find himself having to lift the toes of the feet to offered with more precise. Work to build the strength of the legs at the beginning is very useful.

Work your thighs.

More find men standing sex gives an important exercise for their thighs - so again, take the time to strengthen men appear more impressive in this new position.

A word of caution.

There are rumors that are very old (and very bad) a girl can not get pregnant if she is having sex. This is simply not true - so if pregnancy is a concern, appropriate protection should always be used at any time. In addition, the new sexual exploration requires that the equipment is properly stored. To this end, application of cream of high-level penis health (health professionals recommend Man1 man oil) should be included in all daily health regimen. When choosing the appropriate cream, check the label for L-arginine and vitamin c. L-arginine is the enzyme that plays a key role in the development of nitric oxide, which helps turn the penis relaxes blood vessels so that the flow is very important. Blood is not hampered because of the required vitamin Cis is an important structural component of the blood vessels. This vitamin also plays an important role in the production of collagen and tissue of the penis function-attributes essential to a healthy penis.


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